Saturday, March 9, 2013


Justin Grant,
February came and went!  Holy smokes
you are a mover & and shaker, cruising
all over the house with your turtle walker.
You are so happy and such a little
observer.  You love mimicking
everything we do, including crawling with
a toy in your mouth - just like Ranger!
You had so much fun when Aunt Jenelle
stayed with us for 5 days and
our road trip to Portland to see
Uncle Jared & Aunt Jen.  Your
uncle still cannot get over how
much you love avocados!  Your sweet
giggle still makes us extremely happy and
nothing beats seeing you first thing
in the morning - pure happiness.
We love you to the moon and back,
Mom & Dad

Life Perspective

Moments after you were born....
11 fun months after you were born.

Here's what we
were up to
in February.
Time with Aunt Jenelle!

Valentine's day

Beautiful roses from my amazing husband!

The Vday doggie balloon!
Assault of the Vday balloon!

The whole gang, ready for a ride.

And off they go!

Cougar Mountain zoo!

Puuuuuur kitty!

Snoozer kitty

A little family time at the Children's museum.


Dinner with the Farrows!
Jane & Justin

Happy boy with his dad.

The latest fashion - plaid & camouflage!

Go Cougs!

Giddy up, Uncle Jared!

Parental Advice

If your aunt is captured by a dinasour...
Take 5 deep breathes...

Sit down and think rationally....

Take a moment to absorb the seriousness of the situation....

Pick up your phone and call for help....

Jump on the nearest giant turtle and get
the heck out of the area.....

Meet Dad at the hideout cave until.......

...the HumVee arrives.
Once your aunt is back in your arms.....

Go home and take a long hot bubble bath.....

And call it a day!



  1. That was soo cute. Love how big he is getting. Keep the pictures and the story telling coming. Love reading it. :-) Miss u sooo much

  2. He is soooo darn cute and growing so fast! Your posts inspire me to get back on the Blog train. Facebook makes it too easy.

    I love you guys, Leah