Thursday, April 4, 2013

March 2013

Life Perspective

5 days of knowing dad.....

1 year of knowing dad!

Dear Justin Grant,
March was a very fun month for
everyone!  Grandma & Grandpa
von Wolffradt came to visit for
a week!  We celebrated your very
first birthday!!!!  It was so special to have
most of our family over for lots of laughs,
food and of course, cake!  You had no
interest in the cake or the frosting! 
Your 12 month check up showed you
weigh 18lbs 11 oz and you are 28.4
inches tall! You are walking
all over the place, babbling and giggling
at everything.  You love nothing
more than being outside in the
fresh air.  It is so fun to watch
you discover new things everyday,
especially new foods.  You are
a funny little boy and we memorize
every single moment with
you.  Happy birthday sweet boy.
All our love,
Mom & Dad



12 month check-up

A beautiful sunny day at the dog park




Happy Birthday Justin!

Grandma Coco & Uncle Jared!
Aunti Jenelle!
Auntie Jenelle & Jen!!!
Grandma & Grandpa Simpson!

Fun new toys

The cake....after the party
The birthday boy....after the party!

Parental Advice

Should you be worried when your parents play
on your rocking crocodile?

Hmmmmmm???? Very perplexing......

But you will quickly learn this is a common question 
amongst 1 year olds.  Time to find some guidance......

look to your left.....

Now, look to your right....

and ask Grandpa Simpson what he thinks....
do some research

What you will most likely discover is it's not
as big of an issue as if you had a
giant octopus dancing
with Floyd in the livingroom!

Hear's to an abundance of health & happiness in April! 


  1. Beautiful pictures. He is getting sooo big. Looks like u may need to find a new home. So the dog and the boys have a place to play outside. Happy Birthday Little Justin. Happy Late Easter to you all. :-) Miss u like crazy.

  2. Hi Michelle! Great hearing from you! We love our place and have tons of lawn around here and 2 play areas on the property! We really enjoy getting out and exploring all of the parks and walking/hiking trails nearby. What have you been up to? Xoxo.