Monday, February 25, 2013

January 2013 - Happy New Year!

Welcome 2013!
Justin Grant, you rang in the
new year in the picture below!
Your new year started with some
small steps towards walking! You
and your dad sure do have fun
together, chasing Ranger
all over the house! You
still laugh at all of my goofy songs
about turtles driving trucks and snails
who eat popsicles.  Clapping has
become a daily event and for
some reason, every word you
try to say sounds like "dadda."
I'm sure you are saving
"mamma" for a VERY special moment!
Until then, I will be patient.  Thank 
you for helping make my 37th
birthday extra special this
month!  Your darling smile,
beautiful blue eyes, and addicting
giggle makes every single
day so valuable.
Much love,
Mom & Dad 

Life Perspective....

The day you were born on the right, today on the left!

1st week of life with dad....

10 months of life with dad!

Here is what Justin
has been up to
in January!

Optimistic the Seahawks will make it happen next season.

There's a bear in the house!

A little rainy day action at Barnes & Noble.
Mamma bear and her cub.

Meet Amurica!

Parental Advice for 2013
Make your life whatever you want it to be.....

And when you're not sure which path to take....
Turn to where you feel most grounded for guidance....
And from time to time you may find yourself in challenging situations....

Or facing monsterous moments....

Trust in all that you have learned....
Don't hesitate to rely on good old friends.....

With lots of hard work and a little faith, you'll
always make it to the top!

And when drastic measures apply - put yourself down for a long snooze!

We sure love you little bear!  Now go tackle February!