Saturday, February 2, 2013


Have yourself a merry little Christmas -
and the von Wolffradts did just that!

Justin Grant - your first Christmas season
was so extra special for us!  You helped
us pick out the perfect tree and
made sure all decorations were hanging
in the rights spots! You are crawling ALL
over the house and the holiday season
was dedicated to you learning to zip
up the stairs, in under a minute! 
You are very very busy and we just
love watching your endless amounts
of energy.  You now have 8 teeth, still
love all of the yummy food I make you,
and somewhere between baking cookies
and wrapping gifts, you figured out
how to pull yourself up, into a standing
position.  Watch out world!!!!!!! 
We love you to pieces,
Mom & Dad

The 2013 von Wolffradt family ornament!



Such a monumental day - for all of us!

A perfect 9 month check up!

Your best buddy - Floyd!


Yep - it's time for some stair action!

New golf clubs from Dad

Grill on, Dad!

New book.............

.....kiss the book!

Floyd's new sidekick - Arnie the armadillo.

Lots of fun new stuff! 

A first Christmas is exhausting!

My most favorite Christmas ever!

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