Monday, December 3, 2012


November was a month of many great
surprises and so much to be thankful
for.  We celebrated our 1st anniversary! 
And such a wonderful year it has been.
Never once did I feel it was "flying by"
and I cherish every day in this past
year with the love of my life. 
We enjoyed Thanksgiving with my mom,
the Cougs won the Apple Cup and
Justin Grant, you turned 8 months old! 

You started crawling and boy are you
thrilled about it!  You
scoot all over the house and we just love
following you in your exploration.  When you
need a break from crawling, you assume
your old standby plank position and do a few
push-ups.  You have become very vocal and
 you love it when we repeat your funny little
babbles.  Reading and bathtime are still at the top
of your list, as is meal time.  I have always loved
cooking so making your baby food is
a fun and easy extension of that. You really
enjoy sweet potato, chicken, turkey, fruit
and avacado.  And you challenge me to sneak
veggis into the mix!!  Everyday with you is
exciting and everyday you put
long lasting smiles on our faces. 
For you, we are thankful.
Love, Mom & Dad

A little swing action at the park.

Drop and give me 20!

And hold it for 20 more!

Cheeeeeeeese Ranger!




A batch of yummy baby food!

November 19th, 2011
Happy Anniversary!

I do!
We did!  I love you honey.

 Thanksgiving 2012

Storytime with Grandma.

Apple Cup 2012......
And the Cougs win!

My mom made this cute Coug cover!

All geared up and ready for the big game!
Go Cougs grandma!

Pre-game bloody mary!
Game day snacks.

Post game action

Such a fun filled month for us!  We
are looking forward to the Christmas
season - see you at the end of December!

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  1. He is getting to be such a big boy. I think he grew since the first time I meet him. Happy Holidays to you all. The pictures were great:-) Keep posting I love reading all about it. Great Job