Sunday, November 4, 2012


The month of October was full of many
wonderful memories for us!  Justin Grant,
you are such a happy baby and we
love every single second with you.  You
now have 3 little bottom teeth and boy are
they sharp!  You love most of the yummy
food we make you - sweet potato, pear, apple
carrots, peas, and mango!  Spinach and broccoli
are not at the top of your list.  You are trying so
darn hard to crawl and you almost have it all
figured out!  Until then, you keep doing your
Superman belly exercises and the plank pose!
We love you Justin!  
Mom & Dad

Leah flew in from Billings, MT and surprised me!
I am still in shock!!! 

Suncadia in Cle Elum for Lisa & Gregg's wedding 

The bride in her darling vintage dress!

A little pre-wedding champagne toast

And while I was out of town for the weekend,
the boys had some fun of their own.

Our little Boomer Sooner!

First trip to Cabela's
Justin loved the aquarium cave at Cabela's

And the animals...

My handsome boys!

And a visit from Uncle Soup

It was fun to be away and spend the weekend
with some great friends, but I sure missed
you guys!

Our little Toot Toot, Sugar Bear, Buddy, Biscuit,
Turtle - here's what you've been up to lately! 

Mid-October, we took a trip to Pendleton! 

Ranger loves the open road
So does Justin!


Grandma Jo introducing Justin to the polka dot ball!
Some much needed time with Grandpa

Hmmmm?  The first time he has ever reached for an open glass

This pic was taken last spring, when the pumpkins
were first planted.......
And now!!!!

First tractor ride with Grandpa!

Helping Grandpa in the shop - forklift operator!

Dee Dee - the new farm dog!  She is such a sweetie.


Such a great trip to the farm!
Thank you Grandma & Grandpa!

As many of you know, Halloween is my most 
favorite holiday!  We made it a point to celebrate
all month long! 
Justin's first Halloween card - from
Grandma & Grandpa von Wolffradt!!

A fun Sunday with The Parks, at Remlinger

Family pumpkin carving night!!!

Just a few push-ups before getting in the costume...


We're signing off for now - see you all at the end of November!

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  1. This post makes me sooooo happy! I just love all the pictures. Between "the surprise" and the visit out to the farm, October was a great month for you all!

    I love you dearly!