Wednesday, October 10, 2012


We kicked off September with a fun
weekend in Spokane with my mom
and sister.  Baby Justin sure loves
his Grandma Coco and Auntie Nell.  

Bedtime book with Grandma Coco

My mom grew up riding this beautiful restored carousel,
as did my brother, sister and I.  Baby Justin has a bit
of growing to do before he can actually ride on one of the horses!
Someone love his Auntie Nell.

One of my new favorite places - Green Bluff!  Just outside
of Spokane, acres and acres of beautiful family farms
offering U-Pick gardens, orchards, wine tasting, shopping and
seasonal festivities. 

This will most likely be on our Christmas list soon!

And then back to Grandma's for some
hand picked apple!

We wrapped up the weekend enjoying breakfast (and
the Justin Scramble) with my great aunt & uncle.

Baby Justin's great great Aunt Sally

Aunt Sally & Uncle Claud gave us this darling rocking chair.
It was my great grandfather's - it is 108 years old!!!!!

No matter what - we will always cheer loud for The Cougs!!!!!

This blog helps us keep in touch with
family & friends all over the world.
But it also serves as a wonderful
electronic baby book, for our
amazing son to have forever. 
Justin Grant, you are now 6 month
old and we cannot begin to tell you
how much joy it brings us to watch you
grow.You are such a happy baby,
with lots of smiles, giggles, and your
own language.Crawling is right around
the corner!We cherish each and every
milestone with you.Thank you for making
our lives the best they have ever been.
Mom & Dad

6 months old - 2 cute little bottom teeth - 1st tooth brush!

6 month check up!

Fish tank in the waitingroom.

Wolverine bandaid....

and of course, Spiderman!

This is our friend Molly and her son
Maxwell.  Molly & I were pregnant
together - now we are mommies
of little boys together!

Ranger - the 4 legged fur baby!

Floyd will take any attention he can get. 

Practice practice practice.  Justin is so
close to sitting on his own.

And until then, one-arm-out is his signature pose!

Sunday afternoon with good friends,
football, an amazing outdoor
livingroom, and yummy food.

We had a lovely evening with
our friends Connie & Bernie.
Baby's J's first steakhouse!

My boys!
(can you find Floyd) make me
so happy!  I sure am one lucky

Leaps & Bounds - preemie size
to 6 month size!!!  

Justin Grant, you are a very special little boy!

See you all at the end of October, with some Halloween highlights!


  1. Oh he's such a beautiful boy! Sweet pictures of your sweet family - thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh my goodness I love this blog......what an absolute treasure you have in Justin.....such a fabulous addition to a wonderful to you all....~Patty Ann

    PS I don't know why "Holly" comes up and I can't get rid of it?!?!?! It's my age ☺