Tuesday, September 4, 2012


"I want to sing like the birds sing -
not worrying who hears or what they think"
                                           ~ Rumi

 August was a wonderful and busy
month for us!  To kick it off, we
spent a nice chunk of time with
the Yasenaks.  Drew & Justin
became friends immediately!

Jared, Jen & thier friends
spent a weekend in Woodinville
                                                     doing some wine tasting.

Uncle Jared!

Aunt Jen!
A little wine tasting!

And a relaxing dinner on the deck.

Some much needed Aunt Jen & Uncle Jared time!

Everyone - meet Floyd!

Justin Grant - you are such a happy
and easy going baby.  August 20th
marked your 5th month in this world.
You roll all over, squeel, jabber,and
you recently started eating a few solids.

Your dad & I sure do love you little turtle!

Snuggle time with dad.


~Wallowa Lake~
We spent a nice long weekend in Eastern
Oregon.  If you've never been to Wallowa
Lake - I highly recommend it.  We celebrated my
dad's 60th birthday, and some much needed family time
together.  Lots of grilling, libations, hiking, and memories!

Our first time meeting Lindy's sweet baby girl Ella!

Grandpa Simpson, Justin & Floyd!

Grandma Jo, Justin (can you find Floyd?)
Aunt Jenelle

Aunt Jen

Tram to the top of Mount Howard for some hiking!

On the tram.


At the top!  Beautiful.

Some time on the river!


Horseshoes in the front yard!

Some quiet time with Floyd, on the deck.

Our neighbor!

Paddle boating.



The greenbelt behind our condo gets torn down...
Ranger gets an everyday private dog park!

See you all at the end of September!

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  1. I'm in love love love with your post! And, your son...he is such a little turtle!!!! Miss and love you guys.