Thursday, August 2, 2012


Summer is in full swing and the month of July
flew by for us.  It started out with the 1st
annual brother-in-law golf round!  Our sweet
baby boy is rolling all over the place, smiling much
of the time, sleeping 10-12 hours a night, and he
even gave us his first cute giggle!  It was priceless
and we cannot wait to hear it again. 
Ranger is one happy dog!



Justin has figured out how to change directions in
his crib - hello camera!

He figured out how to get up on the elbows!

Such a sweet peaceful little sleeper.
Justin loves his Better-than-the-Bumbo.

At the office with mom - catching a little snooze.

First time in the Jump-A-Roo....oh boy!

Justin and mom's new doctor!

4 months old - we love you Justin Grant!

And the eyes are still blue......

4 Month Check-Up
Weighing in at 11lbs 8oz.

Our brave boy got a Tasmanian Devil band-aid after his shots.


Ranger, on babysitting duty.

Just itching to crawl.

New farm toys!

Best of friends.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - German Shepherds
are amazing child-friendly dogs.

Family Reunion weekend
in Eastern Washington.
We made a stop to visit my
grandpa's grave. 

A little snooze during the road trip.

Somebody wanted to drive.

I love this picture of my mom with her grandson.

Some much needed Aunt Jenelle time.


Justin and cousin Emerson.

Aunt Jen, in her handy beer holder shirt.

Yes, this is the main event at our family gatherings!

The men, digging the pig roasting pit.

Banana leaf wrapped roasted pork!  Yum!

2nd Annual Slugger's
Golf Tournament

Justin's raffle prize!

Kelly, Kathy, and Justin.

Grill on!  See you all at the end of August.

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  1. Loved, loved, loved meeting beautiful Justin and spending time with his sweet Mama!