Friday, July 6, 2012


 3 months in this crazy big world!
Our sweet baby Justin is so funny.  He
LOVES bath time, squeels at his stuffed
cow, smiles constantly, and so badly
wants to scoot around.  He loves having
books read to him and intently listens to
mom's dorky songs.  Since 2 months of age,
he has given his parents the gift of sleeping
through the night!  His eyes are still blue,
however take on a green tint in certain
lights.  It is such a treat watching him
grow - every single day is different!

March 20th - June 20th.....big difference!

This cow is his best buddy - attached at the arm!


  Happy 1st fathers day!  My amazing
husband should teach classes
on fatherhood (and on being
a good husband).

Helping mom make cold calls at the office.

The Day Justin & Spohie met......

True love!

German Shepherds are known for being good family
dogs - good with children.  Ranger takes this
well known fact to a whole new level!

Justin loves his "Better-Than-the Bumbo" - helping
out in the kitchen!

Oh yea, kick'n back in the tub!

Check out the eye lashes!


One of our family outtings
to see the turtles!

So, I've been working on
my flowers....

The faces of Justin Grant

We love you sweet boy!

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