Monday, October 14, 2013

Summer 2013 - Move to Liberty Lake

Summer 2013

Justin Grant,
This summer sure has been amazing and you
have been doing a lot of growing!  If someone
were to ask us what one of the greatest chapters
of our life is - our response would
be, "moving our family to Liberty Lake, WA!"
We live in a wonderful neighborhood, full of
energtic families and caring people.  The hot summer
weather and waking up every morning
to sunshine is so invigorating.  You
are running around all over the place
and curious about everything you see.
You absolutley love getting to spend so
much time with Gram and Aunt Jenelle.  You
love your crib and a good night sleep, but
when you're awake, it's go-time! We've had
many visitors this summer and look forward
to more friends and family coming to visit.
Thank you for being a major motivator
for making this move!  We love you very much,
Mom & Dad

A few last pictures before the big move

I spent a great weekend in Walla Walla with the gals!

4th of July parade in Kirkalnd

Surprise date night at Willows Lodge!

Babysitter for date night!

Our last night in the condo

The plants almost didn't make the move!

Liberty Lake, here we come!

The moving truck co-pilot

Our new home

Kitchen was the first to be unpacked

Ranger loves the new digs

The new neighborhood behind our house

Someone is excited about the back yard

First bee sting on his thumb

With Auntie Jenelle at Liberty Lake Days

Green Bluff

How handy to live 6 miles from Cabela's!

Cooling down at the local library

Visit to Great Grandpa Simpson's grave


The Farrows come to visit!!!

Grandma & Grandpa Simpson come to visit!

Happy birthday Dad!

The Yasenaks come to visit

August 18th
This was a very sad day for our
family.  We said good-bye to
our amazing Ranger.  He was
much more of a human than
a dog.  Ranger completed
our little family and lived to
make us happy.  When Justin & I
first met and fell in love, Ranger
was right there with us every
step of the way.  He was by our
sides when Justin proposed to me,
our wedding, and the day
we finally got to bring
our sweet baby boy home.  We
believe Ranger held on through the
move to our new home and made
sure we were happy & safe. 
He must now move on to
complete another family.
We love and miss you forever

8/18/2013 RIP Ranger

I participated in Portland to Coast relay!
Such an inspiring and memorable weekend
with my Farm Chicks team!

Our wheels

My first leg

my 2nd leg

The finish line in Seaside, OR!!!!!

Thank you ladies for such an amazing event

And while mom's away.......

Grandma von Wolffradt comes to visit!  We
all attended a Fallen Heros tribute at
our neighborhood park.

Green Bluff with grandma

Honor Flight with Gram

Real heros

Fun at the farm in Pendleton


Dee Dee girl!!!

We spread some of Rangers ashes at the farm,
in the same spot where Justin proposed to me -
one of my favorite places.

Ran into my elementary school counselor - Mrs Mayberry!

Such a great summer it has been.  As the trees
behind you begin to turn colors and as you continue
to grow & learn - mom & dad will always feel blessed
for all that we have.

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