Wednesday, June 19, 2013

May 2013

Life Perspective

Our wedding...
Our sweet Justin Grant!


May sure was a fun month for
all of us.  We flew to Pullman to
meet your great grandma
Simpson!  And then we spent
a very relaxing weekend
in Pendleton, at the farm.
You took your first 4-wheeler
ride, had 5 new teeth pop
through, and managed to
make everyone laugh the
entire weekend!  We sure love
you and find ways to make each
day last longer ~ just so we can
spend more time with YOU!
Love, mom & dad

The beautiful Palouse from the air

Great grandma Simpson

Let 'er Buck!
Pendleton Round Up arena
Blooming canola at the farm

Grandpa is always up for taking walks around
the restaurant.

Family - there's nothing quite like it!

Pretty Nell - practicing to get her
Let 'er Buck on!

More walks with grandpa

An afternoon in Kirkland to visit the turtles

Ranger rides shotgun to the dog park!

This next series of pictures is
from a same day
over-and-back drive to

Our little road trip buddy!  He did great!

Parental Advice

When your parents load up the moving
truck to move to Liberty Lake, Washington ---
 saddle up becasue it's going to be a FUN
and crazy ride!

Yes everyone, we are sooooooo thrilled
to announce we are leaving the rain and moving
across the mountains to Liberty Lake - just
on the outskirts of Spokane. 
We are beyond excited about this move
for our family. 

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  1. U will be missed by all. Epecially me. Love all your pictures and the storyes u tell. Good luck with your new little adventure. Keep me posted on everything. Miss u already :-)